Alfresco Blinds

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Commonly Known as Café Blinds, Bistro Blinds, Clear PVC Blinds and Patio Blinds, Alfresco Blinds can help you make the most of your outdoor entertainment area all year round. An Alfresco Blind will enclose your pergola or patio and virtually add another room to the house. Increase you seating capacity at your café or restaurant, club or hotel.  Just Outdoor Blinds custom make Alfresco Blinds in mesh or clear PVC, in manual or remote control.

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Clear PVC Blinds

Just Outdoor Blinds clear PVC Blinds have brilliant optical clarity and marine grade PVC. Blind Effects have More than 13 years’ experience in design manufacture and installation of clear PVC Blinds.

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Zip Trak Blinds

Just Outdoor Blinds specialise in Zip Trak Blinds. Australian owned and invented Zip Trak Blinds have no ropes, no pulleys and no Zippers. Zip Trak Blinds can be operated manually or via remote control.

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We custom Make our Alfresco Blinds in Melbourne and Blinds are designed for Melbourne’s unique conditions. All blinds are made to shape and can accommodate downpipes, sloped roofs and complex installations.

With more than 13 years’ experience Just Outdoor Blinds set Melbourne’s benchmark for quality outdoor blinds.

Our Range Includes

Alfresco Blinds, Zip Trak Blinds, Clear PVC Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, Patio Blinds, Bistro Blinds, Shade View Blinds

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